Additions and services

We offer a wide range of tents for sale in the UK and internationally, accompanied by a complete array of interior arrangement services to create cozy and comfortable spaces:

Pavilion interior arrangement:

  • Enhance the interior of your pavilions with options such as flooring and glazing.
  • Create the perfect atmosphere with carefully selected illumination.
  • Furnish the space with stylish furniture and decor.
  • Ensure convenience with well-designed sanitary zones.

Branding and decoration:

  • Personalize your tents by incorporating corporate branding and style.
  • Design captivating photo zones and banners for added visual appeal.

Climate control:

  • Keep your space comfortable year-round with heating or air conditioning systems, tailored to the season and prevailing weather conditions.

Rely on our expertise to provide high-quality tents and comprehensive services, allowing you to transform your spaces into inviting and functional environments.

All accessories and services

All accessories and services